Various updates

1. The IMO team will be announced very soon. We already submitted the names for the final 6, but we need to wait for the go-ahead by the Ministry before making the official announcement. The announcement as usual will be made by Prof. Arsmah Ibrahim, chairwoman of the Malaysian IMO committee.

2. The Kangaroo Math Competition 2013 results will be out tomorrow (Friday). Please visit the website  for the full results, which should be up by tomorrow afternoon.

Apologies for the delays (I promised it 3 weeks after 30 April, which is last week).

After the results, we will work on mailing the certs to the schools and inviting the medallists for the prize ceremony. Approximately 10% of the participants will receive medals.

UPDATE (31/5): Sorry, I need one more day to finish this — something unexpected happened last night. So the results will be up on Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (1/6): As of 1.30pm today, the result is online. Go to .

3. The IOI team will be announced after the final selection test on 8-9 June.


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