I am getting married this month to Ms. Shazni Izana bt Shahruddin. She is currently a medical officer at UMMC.

Akad Nikah will be on 25th October followed by the bride’s family reception the next day. The reception on my family’s side will be on the 16th November at my parents’ house.


16 Responses to Announcement

  1. Hambal says:

    Alhamdulillah, tahniah!

  2. Anissha says:

    Congratulations sir! 🙂

  3. Hong Pei says:

    Congratulations sir!

  4. Ricky says:

    Congratz sir!

  5. Ivan says:

    congratulations sir! 🙂

  6. Faizal says:

    Tahniah! Selamat pengantin baru..

  7. Khoon Yu says:

    Congratulations, Suhaimi!

  8. Asiah says:


  9. Aidil Hannan Adnan says:

    Suhaimi!! Congrats!

  10. katun says:

    Tahniah bal! Akhirnyaa…. hehehe

  11. Shin Yin says:

    Congratulations En. Suhaimi! 🙂

  12. abu ilyas says:

    Tahniah En. BAL..

  13. Nita Patel says:

    congrats n may u find happiness together

  14. Devin Ky says:

    have a happy marriage sir…

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