Sweeping cobwebs (Updates)

*sweep* *sweep*

Hello everyone,

You might be sick of me saying the same thing once again, but SORRY for not updating regularly, YES there are many things going on in my life and YES I plan to write more regularly from now on šŸ™‚

As for now, some updates:

1. Kangaroo Math Competition 2014 registration is open — go toĀ http://kangaroomath.com.my/Ā for more details. Registration ends on 24 February so register NOW!

2. The Bengkel IMO ke-3 (BIMO 3) details have been updated, at the IMO 2014 link above. Right now we have 24 very bright kids vying for the coveted spot on the Malaysian IMO 2014 team.

3. The Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO) 2014 will take place on 19-20 April 2014. More details will be announced on the IOIMalaysia website in due time. In particular, we will roll out the testing environment for MCO in early March, so qualified participants can test the system before the contest. To learn about how to qualify, go toĀ http://ioimalaysia.org/how-to-qualify-for-mco-2014/

4. I hope it is not too late to wish my friends and readers happy Chinese New Year. I took a vacation during the CNY holidays with my wife — as usual, my routine during vacation is to have lots of sleep and to work(!).

5. Had a great time in Penang last weekend for a teachers workshop. Thanks to everyone who participated.

6. For young academics in math or computer science, you might be interested to apply to participate in one of the most prestigious fora, specifically for young researchers in the field:Ā http://www.heidelberg-laureate-forum.org/

Quote from an email I received from the organizer:

Dear young mathematics talents,
I would like to inform you today about a ā€œonce in a lifetimeā€ opportunity that could be highly relevant, especially at this particular time: the ā€œHeidelberg Laureate Forumā€ that will take place next september and which is a meeting place between young scientists like yourself with some of the world’s leading mathematicians and computer scientists: these are the awardees of the (non-existing) ā€œNobel prizesā€ in mathematics and computer science, that is Fields medalists, Abel laureates, and Turing awardees (very much in the spirit of the classical ā€œNobel laureate meetingā€). All of those who could participate at the first event of its kind, last september, were quite excited about the excellent presentations, as well as the opportunity to meet leading scientists personally and informally. Application deadline is end of February.
With best wishes from Germany,
DierkĀ Schleicher

7. Prof. Schleicher (the guy who wrote the above email) also runs a very successful summer camp program for high-schoolers and early undergraduates. The summer school is held alternately between Lyon, France and Bremen, Germany. Some Malaysian students have participated in previous years; some of them even received generous scholarship to cover airfare and registration fees. Quote from Prof. Schleicher’s email:

May I also use this opportunity to inform the younger ones among yourselves about a different event that is no less exciting and that will take place this coming August for the fourth time now: the ā€œModern Mathematicsā€ International Summer School for Students: it will take placeĀ 23-30 AugustĀ in Lyon (after two successful events, 2011 and 2013, at Jacobs University Bremen, and in 2012 also in Lyon). This event is open for young talents in their last two years of high school and the first two years of university. The application website is not quite finished yet; youā€™ll find a link atĀ math.jacobs-university.de/summerschool.

8. The Euromath 2014 (European Student Conference in Mathematics) is also upcoming. For those interested to take part, details atĀ http://www.euromath.org/index.php?id=113.

9. Registration for the Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan 2014 is now open. Go to http://persama.org.my/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=27 for the Surat Hebahan OMK 2014. We hope to get more than 12k participants this year.


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