I’m back — for the Nth time

Hello all,

Things are going well, perhaps too well, on my side, that blogging on this site had to be relegated to the bottom of my priority stack.

Thanks to encouragements from my wife, and various other people, who wish for me to write again — here I am.

I will try to make regular updates from now on (I know, this is a repeating theme in the last few updates), hopefully this time for real. But let me qualify at the outset: regular means whatever frequency that my schedule permits.


Some news since the last update:

1. The IMO team did very well in IMO 2014 that took place last July at Cape Town, S. Africa.

Here is Malaysia at IMO 2014: http://imo-official.org/team_r.aspx?code=MAS&year=2014

Congrats to Justin & Anzo for a well-deserved Gold Medal after 4 tries at the IMO. You guys can retire with your head high. To Yi Kye, well done; 2 medals in 2 tries. To Zi Song, great job being one of the youngest medallists in IMO history. To Shazryl & Kin Aun, worthy performance to round up a very successful year for Malaysia in the International Olympiads. Many thanks to Pusat PERMATApintar Negara (esp. Prof. Noriah and Dr. Sakinah), PERSAMA (Prof. Arsmah & gang), KPM (Pn. Zalina & gang), ExxonMobil (Pn. Ida & gang) and other well-wishers for your relentless support. To my deputy Iqbal, couldn’t ask for a better sidekick.

We rank 23rd in the world (out of 100+ countries) based on total scores. Based on medal tally, the way countries are ranked at the Olympic Games, we rank 12th.

Lots of coverage in the news this year.

The Star:








The Heat did a profile on the medallists:

photo 1

photo 2

(thanks to Mr Yeoh who kept up with all the media coverage)

Congrats to the winners for the other Olympiads as well — Chemistry, Physics and Informatics. You make the country proud.

2. The Kangaroo Math Competition 2014 has closed its curtain successfully with 5 award ceremonies around the country. Thanks in particular to our friends in Borneo for making our first ceremony in Kuching a success. The only backlog is sending out the medals for those absent from the ceremony — this we will complete next week, Insha Allah.

Looking forward to the KMC 2015!

Registration will be open November 2014.

Sincere thanks to the whole KMC team for your awesome commitment and cheery attitude. Working with you guys is like, in the words of Warren Buffett, skipping to work every day.

3. We are also launching a new contest on informatics (a.k.a computer science) called Beaver Informatics Competition. Get to know the Beaver here: beaver.my

Thanks Sher Minn for designing the page, and also helping with setting up the contest, to be held next year. Co-director Khairul (a.k.a. Bird) is instrumental in getting things done on the technical side. Thanks.

4. Hari Raya went well. First time berHari Raya with a wife, what a pleasant feeling. As you get older, Raya gets more and more meaningful and becomes less and less about the tradition, although I hope the Raya tradition (the Malay one, that is) remains in our culture for a long long time. I just love being with family and extended family and neighbors and chatting and feasting with them.

Asking forgiveness from each other keeps society sane.

5. I went to Lithuania and South Africa, adding two more to the list of countries I’ve been to. Too bad, the list (currently at 70+) will likely not grow much in the future since I have developed a fear of flying. I am trying to avoid international travel as much as possible. Even traveling to and from Borneo is kind of a drag — I experienced a brickbat type of turbulence during a recent Kuching-KL flight, and almost peed in my pants. The only flights I can tolerate are short-haul Firefly flights between Subang and Kota Baru, Penang, Kuala Terengganu and JB. Even then, I’d rather not fly to the East Coast during monsoon season, I would rather take the bus. I am a pussy, I know.

The MHs in the news are not helping.


That is all for now. Many things are going on, but I will keep those for another day and another entry.

In the meantime, a short notice:

Aidan Group is organizing our annual Open House luncheon tomorrow (Saturday, 20 September) from 1 to 5pm. Venue: Aidan office at 100-1 Jalan 2/23A, off Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak. Look for the black Aidan signboard. We are near Petronas and Shell on Jalan Genting Klang.

Everyone is invited! Kambing golek ada.


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