Malaysian Computing Challenge 2014

Official MCC 2014 website:





The Malaysian Computing Challenge (MCC) is an annual online competition designed for students (with no prior programming experience) to solve challenging computational problems.



MCC is brought to you by the Malaysian Informatics and Programming Society in collaboration with the Kulliyyah of ICT, International Islamic University Malaysia.



The MCC is the preliminary selection process of a year-long program to identify and train the top programming talents in Malaysian schools. Top scorers in MCC will be:

  1. Invited to a programming camp, tentatively to be held in December 2014.
  2. Upon successful completion of the camp, to be invited to the Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO), a real-time programming competition, to be held tentatively in April 2015.

The top scorers in MCO will be called for a series of intensive training camps conducted by experienced Olympiad participants. Students who qualify at this level will participate in Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO), an annual online contest among countries in the Pacific Rim region. After the training camps and APIO, four students will be selected to represent Malaysia in International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2015 which will take place in Kazakhstan on July 2015.



The MCC 2014 online competition will take place on 26-28 September 2014. Participants can submit their solutions anytime within these 3 days, starting from 12:01am on 26 September 2014 to 11:59pm on 28 September 2014.


In a few hours after I update this entry, the MCC 2014 will be live. I am very excited as this is the first time we are organizing an online programming-based contest (the MCC was paper-based in the last two years). Thanks to the MCC 2014 team — Shien Jin, Yi Hang, Sher Minn & Fu Yong — for your efforts to make this event happen.

To the participants: Good luck and happy coding!


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