OMK result is out

The OMK 2014 (Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan 2014) result is out:

Congratulations to all winners!

We hope to get more participation from schools in 2015.

Please do not contact me about the results. I am not involved in the organization of OMK, it is under the purview of the OMK coordinator.


One Response to OMK result is out

  1. Ivan Lau says:

    Dear Suhaimi

    Although you mentioned not to contact you about the result, I contacted OMK my concern and haven’t received any reply. So I have decided to inform you the below message which I had sent a same copy to OMK :

    I would like to request to recheck the OMK 2014 Sulong result which was just out. Out of our 100 participants none of them was on the winners list and this was totally out of our expectation especially for some of the experienced participants. These experienced participants include Ivan Lau Peng Hui(me) and Lim Wei Yi.

    I was the saguhati winner for 2013 and obtained a perfect score & Gold Medal for Malaysian Computing Competition(MCC) 2013. For OMK 2014, I am quite confident that I scored 5 out of 6 for first part and solved 2 out of 3 for second part. I expected at least a saguhati for my OMK 2014 performance.

    On the other hand, Lim Wei Yi was the saguhati winner for OMK 2009 and Gold Medalist for MCC 2013. In this year competition, he did well in both part and solved 4 out of 6 in first part and 1 out of 3 in second part. His performance should at least earns him a honorable mention.

    I hope my request to recheck will get positive feedback from you especially for the two students mentioned above. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me further.

    I’m sorry if I have caused any inconvenience. But I hope you can help me to forward my request to the coordinator.

    Thank you.


    President of Taylor’s College Mathematics Club, (Ivan Lau )

    Sent from my iPad


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