A compilation of the MRSM Mathematical Olympiad problems and solutions since the first competition in 2007. A must have for those preparing for math competitions in Malaysia.

ISBN: 978-983-44678-4-5 (Volume 1) & 978-983-44678-5-2 (Volume 2).




The books in this series are:

  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 1: Number Theory. ISBN: 978-983-44678-0-7
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 2: Algebra. ISBN: 978-983-44678-1-4
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 3: Combinatorics. ISBN: 978-983-44678-2-1
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 4: Geometry. ISBN: 978-983-44678-3-8

Details about Basics of Math Olympiad series. Also includes ordering info.

Errata page. To be updated.

Solutions to Exercises. To be updated.

Click on the covers to enlarge:





To order, download the order form:

Order Form (PDF) updated 11/12/2014


82 Responses to Books

  1. mahbub says:


    how can i get your other 3 books? you gave me the number theory book in bremen.

    the number theory book is is just right for our beginning students.

    its thin, and has plenty of examples. we used to used art and craft by zeitz for introductory NT. i think we’ll your book from now on.

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    Just email your order (no. of sets) to

    We will produce an invoice including s/h.

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. random says:

    just curious mr suhaimyramly. Is it a must for one to write solutions as perfect as in the book’s answers. Is the real solution need to be that long? Most of the times problems comes when I have the idea on the solution but I don’t know how to write it in a presentable way.

  4. suhaimiramly says:

    Not necessarily. First of all, in olympiad contests, often questions ask for a proof rather than an answer to a question. You have to produce a proof, which means a chain of mathematical reasoning that takes the “given information in the problem” (hypotheses) to the “statement which we were asked to proof” (conclusion). A logical chain from the hypotheses to the conclusion is called a mathematical proof.

    The solutions in the book has been edited and polished several times. An actual competition solution are usually messier. The main thing is to get the proof correct, then worry about making it presentable.

    A solution must be:
    1. logically correct (all statements logically follows from a known mathematical fact or from the given hypothesis)

    2. understandable to the average reader (that’s why the solutions in the books have more words than formulas — you need to explain what you are doing rather than just doing it). it should leave no room for doubt or questions by the reader: “why is X true? why is this statement implies that statement?”

    As long as your proof fulfills these two criteria, the proof is correct and acceptable.

    Hope this helps.

    • Maths Enthusiast says:

      Is this set of books suitable for STPM student for IMO preparation ? Is there any solutions provided for each exercises ?

  5. random says:

    thank a lot mr.suhaimyramly. I am not preparing for olympiad but I am just learning interesting mathematics to feel in the boring times as i’m after spm student. again thanks a lot. As you said in the book, the book is also useful to people just looking for some mathematics challenge other than those preparing for mathematics olympiad. hope you can upload the solutions for exercise asap. thank you.

  6. ertan kaya says:

    How can I buy all these book from Turkey or from USA. Is there a way to make a payement.

  7. somebody says:

    I am curious, Mr Suhaimi whether you are going to publish a second series after the four books of basics of Math Olympiad. If you are going to do so, please notify me because i would like to order it. I would also like to know whether ardentedu is selling the book Mathematical Circles: The Russian Experience.

    Thank you

    • suhaimiramly says:

      I am planning another series, but until now I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and write 😛

      I will update here if I’m working on a new series.

      We used to carry Mathematical Circles, but we ran out of stock and might not reorder. If interested, I suggest you purchase it directly from Amazon.

      Thanks for your interest. I met your teacher and some of your schoolmates during OMK last Saturday.

  8. Ahmad Hazazi says:


    Saya Ahmad, bagaimana caranya saya ingin membeli kesemua volume buku-buku tuan? dan berapa harganya?


  9. suhaimiramly says:

    Cara terbaik ialah email kepada dengan maklumat berikut:

    No tel:
    Jumlah order:

    dan sertakan bayaran (terbaik bank in melalui akaun CIMB Bank, # 14410010373054 (Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn Bhd) dan sertakan sekali bukti pembayaran.

    Alternatif lain ialah download borang pesanan dan faks kepada kami.

    Harga ialah RM25 satu volume, dan RM 85 untuk satu set (4 volume). shipping ialah RM 3 per volume. Jadi satu set total ialah RM 85 + RM 12 = RM 97.

  10. somebody says:


    Thank you once again Mr Suhaimi. I would like to know whether you can recommend any other books other than the Mathematical Circles. As far as I know, My school never used the funds to buy books except to pay the fees for OMK!! 🙂 I would greatly appreciate if you could reccommend me a book.

    I would also like to know if there is any more workshops this year for me and my school. 🙂

    Thank you

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Try Paul Zeitz’s “The Arts and Crafts of Problem Solving”. I’ve been using it for the past 10 years, and currently i use it as a text for IMO training.

      As for workshop, you can recommend your teachers to invite me for training, or alternatively attend my year-end olympiad prep course in December (details to be confirmed). The first option is more cost effective since more students can participate.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Are your books in English? I am a teacher in SIngapore. Can I buy the books ? How do I go about it? DO you also train teachers?

  12. Amirul Fitri says:

    assalamualaikum:) boleh saya tahu buku mathematics circle itu ialah
    A Decade of the Berkeley Math Circle: The American Experience (Msri Mathematical Circles Library) (v. 1)

    A History of the Circle: Mathematical Reasoning and the Physical Universe by Ernest Zebrowski ?
    dan boleh saya tahu? daripada olimpiad yang diadakan di Malaysia ini, bagaimana proses untuk menjadi salah satu peserta untuk International Mathematics Olympiad? sekian, terima kasih

  13. Amirul Fitri says:

    dan silibus yang terdapat dalam buku itu, adakah ia silibus untuk yang terdapat di IMO?

  14. Amirul Fitri says:

    buku problems from the book yang mana satu? adakah linkya di amazon?

  15. Amirul Fitri says:

    yang saya jumpa hanyalah daripada andreescu dan zumng feng

  16. Amirul Fitri says:
    15 000 problems from Mathematical Olympiads book 5: Mathematical Competition for University Students
    adakah buku ini sesuai digunakan untuk peperiksaan olimpiad kebangsaan?

  17. Amirul Fitri says:

    boleh saya tanya, pada tahun lepas, adakah yang dipilih untuk imo camp 1 mendapat markah yang penuh dalam peperiksaan omk bongsu, muda dan sulong?

  18. Amirul Fitri says:

    Saya lihat di website imo dan mendapati kebanyakan peserta tidak mendapat markah di p5 dan p6. adakah soalan p5 dan p6 lebih susah?

  19. suhaimiramly says:

    p1 & p4 = “senang”
    p2 & p5 = sederhana
    p3 & p6 = susah

    p4,p5,p6 (second day) lebih susah daripada p1,p2,p3 (first day)

  20. Amirul Fitri says:

    Mengapa hanya terdapat 2 wakil Malaysia dalam IMO 2009?

  21. Amirul Fitri says:

    dan saya lihat di wiki yang imo 2010 diadakan dari july 2-july 14, bukankah ia imo berlangsung selama 2 hari sahaja?

  22. suhaimiramly says:

    We did not send a full team due to some unfortunate circumstances.

  23. Amirul Fitri says:

    dalam imo ade 6 soalan, berapakah soalan yang diambil bagi setiap subjek(combin.,num theo,geometry, algebra)

  24. Amirul Fitri says:

    are the art of problem solving text books suitable for the olympiad?

  25. Amirul Fitri says:

    are books for the american mathematics competition and the mandelbrot suitable to be used in preparing for the olympiad?

  26. suhaimiramly says:

    It is better to stick to one book and focus rather than using many books.

  27. yank says:

    dalam imo, adakah terdapat soalan yang berkaitan dengan fermat’s last theorem?

  28. yank says:

    dalam imo, soalan yang berkaitan dengan geometry, adakah ia mempunyai soalan yang paling senang dan tidak mempunyai silibus yang luas?

  29. trax 0101 says:

    Adakah dua buku ini sesuai dalam persediaan IMO?

  30. Nim says:

    I would just like to check.. do u know when persama is going to upload the entry form for the 2011 OMK?

    Thank you.

  31. aisha says:

    Bravo Mr suhaimi, it seem from the post you not only have to train math.. but also some MANNERS!! keep it up. Gd Luck

  32. sam says:

    Mr.suhaimiramly, i just wanna ask if now i’m entering lower six and i’m interested in OMK.Can i register next year when i’m upper six and then i will be free after stpm and can concentrate on the OMK training… Reply me ASAP. THX!

  33. summer says:

    Hi, Mr Suhaimi, i bought your all 4 volume of Olympiad books, however, i cant get the answer for “Exercise” after each chapter, how can i get the answer for the “Exercise”? Thanks

  34. amir says:

    assalamualaikum en suhaimi.

    nama en suhaimi dicadangkan oleh seorang doktor gigi di sg petani sbg seorang yang pakar dalam matematik. perbualan kami bermula apabila saya melihat gambar anak beliau mewakili malaysia di dalam pertandingan olimpik matematik. terdetik dihati saya utk melihat 3 orang anak saya (8 thn, 6 thn dan 4 thn)boleh menguasai bidang matematik seperti anak beliau dan juga en suhaimi sbg role model. apakah buku, atau kursus atau bengkel yg boleh en suhaimi cadangkan utk saya dan anak-anak saya.

    terima kasih

  35. tks says:

    After I download and fax the borang pesanan to the email, what should i do next? Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks.

  36. where can i get the 4 books ?is it in popular MPH OR BOARDERS ?

  37. gan says:

    For the books that u sell, is that different for primary,secondary n high school students?

  38. zero says:

    If i wanna buy the books, can i pay wif baucer buku 1malaysia?

  39. Kamal Kamarulzamil says:

    Assalamualaikum En Suhaimi Ramly,,
    buat pngetahuan encik,,saya memang berminat untuk membeli kesemua buku2 tersebut,,boleh saya tahu harga kesemua buku itu??Di mana bleh saya dpat??
    If kene gune online via email,,bila saya bleh dpat buku trsebut??sbab saya ingin buku trsebut scepat mngkin…
    BTW,,saya prnah jumpa encik pada thun 2009,,encik pernah datang ke sekolah saya,,MRSM KUALA LIPIS…huhu~saya ade wktu bengkel yng encik berikan wktu itu…saya masih ade sijil lagi dari ardent edu..huhu~tq encik…

  40. Anonymous 1 says:

    Mr. Suhaimiramly,
    Any books recomended after done reading all your books?

  41. wee says:

    Are there any books suitable to get a 7 year old kid in Math Olympiad?

  42. zizi says:

    Encik suhaimi , ada jual buku ‘be a math genius in 10 days’ . saya berminat ,berapa harga termasuk kos penghantaran ..

  43. Mpho Nkwana says:

    Mr. Suhaimi Ramly,

    My name is Mpho Nkwana ,I live in South Africa and i would really like to get the Basics of maths olympiad bookset. I don’t really know how to buy the book. Can you help me because I really need it.

  44. Yin says:

    I went to UTHM to attend your class , there were some of your books there , so can i get your books from UTHM?
    And , will the winners (no. 1 – 95 ) of OMK be called to attend next test? The IMO selection test.

  45. Teor Cheo Soon says:

    Encik Suhaimi,
    I have the order the item 5, 4 book, already email the order to with bank transfer note.

    Rgds CS Teor

  46. Jia says:

    I’ve tried to transfer money to the account number given in the order form, but is seems that the number is wrong.
    which is the correct acc no. ?

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Very sorry for the error, we have changed our account. In the process of updating our online documents.

      Our new account is:

      Bank : CIMB Islamic Bank
      Cawangan : Taman Danau Kota, KL
      No. Akaun : 8600213876

      • YH says:

        Hi sir, i have sent my order a week ago, and i paid already. Yet, i still havent receive my book, Can you kindly update me ? Thanks.

  47. D A says:

    Hi, I would like to place an order to be delivered to the Philippines. Kindly advise how to do this.


    about the junior question no. 10 in kmc malaysia 2014, can you explain it?

  49. Hieng Lim says:

    Hi There,

    I am in Australia but I would like to order your books. Is there a way for me to do this online or without having to fill out the form and faxing it to you without proof of payment etc.


  50. Alaga says:

    Hello Sir, I’m interested to buy your MRSM Mathematical Olympiad Vol. 1 & 2. Is these books still available?

  51. Mohamad Nizar Mustaqeem says:

    Do you still sell the 4 books about basic of math olympiad?

  52. Tharani says:

    Mr.Suhaimi, i need to know something about the OMK results! May i know who is eligible for the honorable mention in OMK? Those who manage to get at least 1 problem solved correctly? Or those who manage to get 7 points overall by solving them? Drop a line ASAP. TQVM sir

  53. raviuoh31 says:

    Dear Sir,Where can i get question papers and solutions of OMK 2012-2017? what is the difference between OMK and MRSM Olympiad

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