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The Basics of Math Olympiad series covers the fundamentals of mathematical problem solving in four accessible volumes. This series is highly recommended as a starter text for students and math enthusiasts who are interested to master the finer points of mathematical problem solving, as well as to prepare for olympiad competitions.


The lessons in this series assume minimal background knowledge, and are organized in ten easy-to-follow chapters, each complete with examples, exercises and problems. This is the first book of its kind to be published in Malaysia.

The author is the head trainer of the Malaysia team to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).


The volumes in this series are:

  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 1: Number Theory (ISBN: 978-983-44678-0-7)
    • Chapter 1: Prime Numbers
    • Chapter 2: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
    • Chapter 3: Applications of the FTA
    • Chapter 4: Factorizations
    • Chapter 5: Divisibility
    • Chapter 6: Divisibility Tests I
    • Chapter 7: Divisibility Tests II
    • Chapter 8: Last Digit Analysis
    • Chapter 9: Modulo Arithmetic
    • Chapter 10: Diophantine Equations
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 2: Algebra (ISBN: 978-983-44678-1-4)
    • Chapter 1: Number Sets and Notations
    • Chapter 2: Difference of Powers
    • Chapter 3: Sum of Powers
    • Chapter 4: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
    • Chapter 5: Telescoping Sums and Products
    • Chapter 6: Basic Inequality
    • Chapter 7: Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
    • Chapter 8: Mean Inequality
    • Chapter 9: Quadratic Equations
    • Chapter 10: Equations
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 3: Combinatorics (ISBN: 978-983-44678-2-1)
    • Chapter 1: Clever Counting
    • Chapter 2: Counting Principles
    • Chapter 3: Permutations
    • Chapter 4: Combinations
    • Chapter 5: Binomial Theorem
    • Chapter 6: Binomial Coefficients
    • Chapter 7: Fibonacci Numbers
    • Chapter 8: Bijective Proof
    • Chapter 9: Pigeonhole Principle I
    • Chapter 10: Pigeonhole Principle II
  • Basics of Math Olympiad: Problem Solving Guide for High School Students. Volume 4: Geometry (ISBN: 978-983-44678-3-8)
    • Chapter 1: Lines and Points
    • Chapter 2: Angles
    • Chapter 3: Area
    • Chapter 4: Circles
    • Chapter 5: Similar Figures
    • Chapter 6: Triangle I
    • Chapter 7: Triangle II
    • Chapter 8: Cyclic Quadrilaterals
    • Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Problems I
    • Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Problems II


To order, go to the Books page, and download the order form at the bottom of the page


58 Responses to About Basics of Math Olympiad

  1. cHEONG says:

    I joined the holiday prep course. and i have the volume 1 already. do i still need to buy the other 3 volumes? tks.

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    The series (vol 1 to 4) will be used as a text for the course, so we will give everyone a set. The price of the books is included in the registration fee. If you already bought part of the set, then please bring it along and we will only provide the rest of the set and also deduct the reg fee.

    Hope this helps, and see you soon!

  3. Chen Chow says:

    Bal, Congrats for launching this series of book!

  4. Justin says:

    I will definitely get this. =)

  5. Joanne Lee says:

    Hi Bal. Chen Chow told me about your latest books. Congrats on publishing them!

  6. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi Jo, thanks.

    Consider donating a copy of the series to your high school library or math department. It’s a way to contribute to the school in a small way.

  7. Nurzahidah says:

    lets say im planning to buy item no 5,does that mean i do not have to but item 1 till 4?

  8. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi Zahidah, sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, item 5 (the whole set) include all four books, so you dont have to buy the individual items.
    Price per set is RM85, plus RM12 for shipping.

  9. Randy says:

    Hello Mr. Bal. I’m indonesian and live in East Borneo. Have you distributor for your book in indonesia ? Syukron.

  10. tcchuin says:

    hi,how do i buy the books from you?><

  11. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi tcchuin,
    1. click on the “order form” above
    2. fill in the form
    3. bank-in price + shipping, also you can pay by cheque
    4. send form by fax (preferred) or mail
    5. once we receive the order, we will process it. shipping usually takes 1 business day

    thanks for your interest.

  12. taufiq says:

    Let me know how I can support this bro
    ingat lagi ko ajak aku belajar mendalah ni although otak aku tak mantap sangat nak catch up hihi

  13. mohd taufik aziz says:

    salam en suhaimi..saya mengajar tusyen (private) untuk subjek Addmath, Physics and Chemistry.Setelah mengajar selama 7 tahun saya sedang berusaha menyiapkan satu modul Addmath utk SPM. Saya mendapati bahawa ada certain topics dalam Addmaths boleh diajar menggunakan kata kunci.Kata kunci ini akan membantu pelajar mengenalpasti dan seterusnya mengakses memori mereka utk selesaikan soalan addmath. Mungkin latarbelakang saya sbg graduan Chemical Engineering, saya lebih suka menggunakan matematik utk selesaikan masalah engineering. Maksudnya, saya tidak menekankan sgt matematik dari segi konsep dan teori tapi lebih kepada penggunaan dan aplikasi. Maka saya telah cuba memudahkan matematik utk penyelesaian masalah. Apa pendapat en suhaimi?

  14. Ben says:

    Hi Mr Bal, is the shipping available in Singapore? I could not find the link to the form. Could you kindly tell me which part of the web I can get it from? Thank you.

  15. Theresa says:

    Hai, I am a Maths teacher from JB. I would like to know where can I get those books? Is there any offer price for teachers? I would like to raise more awareness on Maths in my school. Aside that than you have any training course in Johor Baru?

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Hello Pn. Theresa,
      I have uploaded the order form on this page. A 15% discount will be given for a purchase of one complete set (4 volumes).

      We plan to conduct a course in JB next year, probably during the long school break in June. Please check my “Courses” page regularly for updates.

  16. jia says:

    hi, I’m a student from jb and I am planning to buy all four books. Is postal delivery available for jb? How much should I pay including discount and postage? Kindly reply. thanks!

  17. siti fairus says:

    salam…erm how can i score in my add math..bio…physic..n chemistry?? can u give some tips 2 me

  18. Ritz says:

    hi mr suhaimi,would like to ask you are the books suitable for OMK 2011 participants that will join the sulong category? thanks.

  19. Can i Ask the where can i get the books as soon as possible

  20. Yosri Aghani says:

    Barakallah, chegu bangga dgn suhaimi keep up the tremendous good work. chegu yosri

  21. Amyrah Yusof says:

    Assalamualaikum En.Suhaimi.Kalau saya hendak membeli ke semua buku ini,berapakah harganya?

  22. hamidreza says:

    hi bal ,
    i’m 16 years old and i begin to study math olympiad ,
    i wana to get basic book (math olympiad) .
    can you help me ?
    please write your email address .
    i wana to connect with you .

  23. wan fathi says:

    saya dari sm imtiaz besut..
    nak tanya,macam mane nak tahu kelayakan olympiad peringkat kedua 2011??

  24. Kurt says:

    Are the solutions to the problems provided in the books?

  25. ngweiyange says:

    Is this series suitable for primary students?

  26. Esther Chan says:

    hi, do you have any recommented centre for me to send my daughter to learn IMO.? She is in primary now.

  27. Ler says:

    Can I have a look at your book’s content? How’s your book based on? Introducing theorem or solving problems?

  28. Ler says:

    Plus, does your geometry book cover the knowledge that high school texbook don’t?

  29. Hi. I am 17 years old and already finished in spm…… i decide to fill my 3 month holiday with mathematical olympiad…….. i really interest to participate in the competition……….. how can i learn……. and when the competition begin…… how i can enter…..

  30. MathLover says:

    If I’m 20 years old and few months, Can I still enter IMO? Thanks for the information.

  31. law hui huang says:

    is it sold in bookstores?

  32. Ms Sharmi says:

    hi, my daughter is 8 years old this year. can she participate in the maths olympiad?

  33. NORASIKIN says:


  34. tks1993 says:

    I’m born in April 1993. I’m not legible for IMO 2013 in terms of age? They mention younger than 20 and not entering any tertiary institution. Not entering any tertiary institution yet.

  35. emma_jb says:


    buku ni ada tak jual di kedai2 buku….n berapa harganya ye…???

  36. Ass. Mr. Suhaimi, Apakah Buku-Buku tentang Olimpiade Math Malaysia di Jual di Toko-Toko Indonesia?

  37. Sharmila says:

    Do you have any books for primary level?

  38. Keep Spirit. selamat berpuasa. Mari sedekah. For share info that : Factor of success is T = Talent, A = Attitude, S = Skills, K = Knowledge. Congratulations successful…keep sharing.. .thanks youu..

  39. Mpho says:

    How can i purchase the books if i live in South Africa

  40. Hi, I would buy 2 full set of Basics Of Math Olympiad which is item no.5, but I’m not sure how to calculate the shipping cost. Is the shipping cost RM8 (1 Set count as 1 book) or RM32 (for all 8 books) or any discount for shipping cost if buying 2 full set of it?

  41. Please reply me as fast as possible. Thank you so much.

  42. Ms Ng says:

    Hi, i would like to know where have course for olympiad math courses for age 19 , colledge student ? Or you can let me have information for this course centre at Johor area ?

  43. seleby suppiah says:

    My daughter is 14 years old.I would like to send her for this prep course.Can you let me know where this course is available in Klang?Tq Mr Suhaimi.

  44. Deebak a/l Pusparajan says:

    Any news regarding olympiad post to me.
    Any books to guide in olympiad please suggest to me.

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