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18 January 2015

This FB page showcases the lighter side of Aidan: social events, makan-makan and sports day.

If you want to apply for a job at Aidan, write to us at

We are hiring this year!


In a related note, our condolences to the family of Allahyarham Tan Sri Ani Arope, who passed away last December. He was the first Chairman and (later) Senior Advisor to Aidan Group. When Alif, Iznan, Akmal, Bird & I first started Aidan as berhingus boys, Allahyarham was among the first to help us, root for us, fund us and encouraged us, to build our business. His wise words helped us to overcome many difficulties. Despite his prominence in the corporate world, he did not look down on us young kids who just started in business, as he saw the potential in us. Without him, Aidan will not be what it is today.

His contribution to the country, whether in the public or the corporate sector, was IMMENSE. If you are not familiar with his contributions, I suggest you read up on the many obituaries written of him. He was indeed a Towering Malaysian. May his Soul be Rested in Peace. Al-Fatihah.


Open House Aidan

9 September 2013


Para pembaca blog ini dijemput untuk menghadiri Open House & Office-Warming Aidan sempena pembukaan pejabat baru kami.

TARIKH: Sabtu, 14th September 2013.

MASA: 1-5 pm.

MENU: Nasi Briyani, Kuzi Kambing, Dalca, Ayam Masak Merah, Jelata, Kambing Golek, Sate, dan banyak lagi.

TEMPAT: 100-1, 102-1 & 102-2, Jalan 2/23A, Off Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Setapak, KL (not far from Puspakom & Wardieburn Camp, beside CIMB Setapak, opposite Colombia Hospital).


Sila datang yer, walaupun sekejap 🙂


1 April 2013

Many things have happened since the last time I gave a personal update:

1. Another nephew! Nuyu’s fourth son will make the house even noisier. His name is Nazmi. Welcome to the family, Nami!!

2. My laptop got stolen last month at Giant Kuala Terengganu (the new one, not the one next to Mydin). Good riddance to rubbish — I always wanted to discard the crappy laptop, and get a new one. Too bad the thief couldn’t make money out of it because the laptop is at its dying throes: it has no battery and is super slow (3 years old running on intel ATOM lol). I just keep it around because of nostalgia.

But I did miss my Wacom Intuos2 graphic tablet that also got stolen. I used this baby in all my math talks since 2007. Nowadays it’s impossible to buy the no-frill Intuos2 model anymore. Wacom only sells the new edgy models (Bamboo, etc) that perform worse than the simple Intuos2. Come on, Wacom, reissue the classics!

3. I am going to Stockholm in April to attend a math conference titled “21st Century Mathematics: What should students learn in the 21st Century?“. The conference is organized by the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR). This is the conference website:

I really really wanted to go to this conference and even though I had to pay through my nose, I think it will be worth it. Yes, I don’t get paid to attend conferences and stuff — if I want to go, I have to save money and pay for it myself.

4. In May, I might be going to Tirana, Albania for the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad. This is the first time our country got invited, and budget permitting, we will send a team to this prestigious event. The Balkan has a fertile mathematical culture, with strong tradition in math education and math contests (despite the region’s reputation for unending wars and border disputes).

5. Next month, the Malaysian Informatics and Programming Society (MIPS), which I founded last year, will co-organize the first ever Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO). The MCO is a real time C++ programming contest for high school students. Our co-organizer is the Kulliyyah of ICT, International Islamic University Malaysia. The event will be partly sponsored by Jobstreet.

The winners of MCO will be shortlisted to attend further training camps, from which we will select 4 best students to represent Malaysia in the IOI 2013 ( IOI 2013 will take place in Brisbane, Australia.

There will be 27 participants in the MCO, who have earned their places through a series of qualifying tests. We should have an official MCO website up and running shortly.

6. My colleague at Aidan, Khairul Anwar (aka Bird), has been shortlisted to attend the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Young Fellows meeting at Durban, South Africa in May. He has been selected among many young professionals who passed the initial screening. Well done, Bird!

7. I just finished grading the scripts of the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad that the Malaysian participants wrote on 12 March. Our result this year is phenomenal: the total country score has increased from 150 to more than 200, an average of 3 full problems per contestant. The easier set of problems definitely helps, but our students have also improved a lot. Congrats to Si Yu, Justin and Ying Hong for writing a perfect paper (35 out of 35!!). This is unthinkable a few years ago — shows how far the training regime has improved. I think it’s time for us to recruit more young coaches for the IMO team.

8. Iznan and I are planning a Germany-Turkey sojourn in November. He always wanted to go back to his “kampung” in Albstadt (near Stuttgart), and reconnect with the Turkish community among whom he used to live. This will be after our work trip to Edinburgh 30 October to 3 November.

NOTE: It seems like I’m dropping names of countries that I am going to visit — macam geng2 MLM pulak showing off tempat2 yang pergi melancong. This is far from the truth, I do not intend to show off. I am going to travel a lot this year, but none of them are for jalan-jalan or makan angin or lepak-lepak. I prefer to lepak-lepak in Malaysia, the most peaceful place on Earth. I only go overseas for work.

9. The Kangaroo Math Competition has been very popular with more than 10,000 participants registered so far. I will write more about it after the Contest Day (which is this Wednesday).

Will continue later, I’m too exhausted and need to sleep.

Ebiz1Malaysia – Portal Perniagaan Online di Malaysia

10 January 2013

En. Shahabudeen Jalil dan En. Khairul Anwar bercakap mengenai program Ebiz1Malaysia di rancangan Agenda Awani. Ebiz1Malaysia merupakan program penggalakan perniagaan yang dikendalikan oleh Mynic Berhad (agensi di bawah MOSTI) dengan kerjasama Lotdotmy Sdn. Bhd.


Iklan untuk Bengkel Kedai Online anjuran


For those using Gmail: check your Spam folder regularly

2 January 2013

The spam filter for Gmail works well, sometimes *too* well.

I have not checked my Spam folder for about a month, and yesterday I decided to open it. There were more than 20 legitimate emails that got stuck in there, marked as Spam. One email contains a large order made to my company, with proof of payment by the buyer (I had no idea at all about this order otherwise).

I spent a few minutes replying to these emails, apologizing profusely for the delayed response.

Bottomline is: Check your spam folder regularly (I plan to do it once a week from now on) and then clear the folder. Better still, set Google Calendar to remind you to do this once a week.

2013 — Very optimistic year

1 January 2013

1. Business is going at full speed — so many things to do, lots of business opportunities, lots of growth potential. If you want to join any of my companies, shoot me an email. We are going to hire.

2. Maybe finally settling down? heheheh

3. I’m planning to go to Boston this year, around April-ish. Hopefully will get the visa this month. Ada sesiapa nak join?

4. Baby kangaroo is born, yay.

5. Looking forward to see more of the world. This year I’m planning to visit more of Malaysia, especially the hidden gems and the unknown hideaways. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful, pleasant and safe places on Earth. You should try it, it’s just nearby.

6. Also I hope to discover more of Malaysian history and literature. I am planning to visit some of the smaller local museums and read more Malay literature.

7. People always say that “time flies so fast, it’s already 2013”. I think it’s the opposite. I think 2012 took forever to end. I have a short memory: I can’t even remember places I went to in early 2012. Even my trip to Argentina in July seems like a distant memory. I only have clear picture of events that happened October 2012 onwards.

Some years went too fast: for me, 2011 and 2009 are those kind of years. If I keep myself busy and occupied with things to do, time feels slower.

8. Read more! My 2013 resolution: read one book a day. This is not impossible. I can kick back 100 pages in an hour and I have lots of free time.

I bought RM600+ worth of books at the recent Big Bad Wolf sale, so I have enough sustenance until March or so.

9. Write more! I should be more disciplined when typing on my computer, and not be distracted with other things. Every day I plan to spend 2 hours of solid writing: book drafts, manuscripts, proposals, business plans, emails, marketing materials, my novel that I started writing back in 2006 tapi tak habis-habis, etc.

Also, I am pushing myself to write non-stop for one hour daily at a hack-writing website. This is a good way to practice writing faster with higher accuracy. On my good days, I can make up to US$30 per hour doing hack-writing. Hey, I’m poor, I can use the little extra dough.

10. Less time doing useless things, such as: reading political blogs, sitting in useless meetings, dealing with other people’s shit, ranting, complaining, watching TV, watching useless Youtube videos, and being a generally useless asshole.

Enough time wasted in the past 30 years, now it’s time to DO THINGS!

Mari Join Bengkel Kedai Online anjuran

31 December 2012


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