Malaysia IOI 2016 Training

About the IOI


The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is one of the most recognized computer science competitions in the world. The competition tasks are of algorithmic nature; however, the contestants have to show such basic IT skills as problem analysis, design of algorithms and data structures, programming and testing. The winners of the IOI belong to the best young computer scientists in the world.

The IOI is one of the International Science Olympiads. The primary goal of the IOI is to stimulate interest in informatics (computing science) and information technology. Another important goal is to bring together exceptionally talented students from various countries and to have them share scientific and cultural experiences.

The IOI Regulations constitute the official definition of the IOI. The International Committee supervises the IOI.

The IOI is organized annually in and by one of the participating countries. Each participating country typically sends a delegation of four students and two accompanying adults. Many countries organize a national olympiad in informatics to select the students they send to the IOI.

Students compete on an individual basis, with up to four students competing from each participating country (with around 81 countries in 2004). The students compete individually and try to maximize their score by solving a set of informatics problems during two competition days. The problems have been algorithmic programming problems to be solved on a personal computer. Cultural and recreational events are organized on the remaining days.


IOI in Malaysia

The IOI program in Malaysia is organized by the Malaysian Informatics and Programming Society (MIPS).


Our partners are and Kulliyyah of ICT, International Islamic University Malaysia (KICT, IIUM).

MIPS welcome any form of colloboration from CS or IT departments at Malaysian universities, especially those departments with experience in organizing the ACM-ICPC program.

Please contact us at to touch base.

The official website for the IOI Malaysia program is


IOI 2016

The IOI 2016 will be held in Kazan, Russia on 12 – 19 August 2016. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, and is one of the largest cities in Russia.

Malaysian Computing Contest (MCC)

The preliminary selection round is the MCC, which took place on 3 October 2015. For the first time, all MCC problems require some knowledge of programming to solve.

The contest was held on the HackerRank platform.

Malaysian Computing Competition (MCO) Training Camp

The MCO Training Camp took place on 14-16 December at Creative Learning & IT Centre (CLiC), Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to all trainers and organizers for your efforts.

Thanks also to YTL for providing us with a free venue.

Malaysian Computing Competition (MCO) 2016

To be announced.

Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2016

To be announced.

IOI 2016

To be announced.


IOI 2015


The IOI 2015 will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 26 July – 2 August 2015. The selection process for the Malaysian team to the IOI started in 2014.

Malaysian Computing Competition (MCC)

The preliminary selection round is the MCC:

The MCC 2014 online competition took place on 26-28 September 2014. It was a change from the paper-based competition in previous years. MCC problems are split into 2 parts – the easy tasks and the challenging tasks. No programming is required to solve the easy tasks. To solve the challenging tasks, some programming are needed.

MCC 2014 results was announced on 23 October.

Thanks to Shien Jin, Ho Yi Hang (system admin), and the rest of the MCC crew.

Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO) Training Camp

Individual medallists from MCC were invited to attend the MCO Training Camp on 13-14 December 2014.

More details here:

MCO 2015

The MCO was held on 18-19 April 2015 at Kulliyyah of ICT, IIUM. Thanks to Dr. Maziah and Dr. Rizal from KICT for their assistance and expertise.

Thanks to Mrs. Sofia and Mr. Zulfadli from MDeC who dropped by during the contest. We appreciate the moral support.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • First Prize: Kor Yu Boon
  • Second Prize: Lew Chen Chang
  • Third Prize: Yew Jen Khai

MCO group photo

Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2015

The top performers from MCO, along with some senior students, were invited to take part in APIO, the next round of IOI selection. Prior to the APIO, a training camp was held on 7-9 May at the Creative Learning & IT Centre (CLiC), situated in Mini UTC Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to Yi Hang who conducted all the lessons. Special thanks to YTL Education for allowing us the use of their training facility free of charge.

The participants took part in the APIO on the last day.

Well done to the organizer, Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia or TOKI for short, for successfully organizing the event.

Congratulations to Justin Lim Kai Ze for winning the Bronze Award, the first ever APIO award for Malaysia.

APIO 2015 website:

Joint Malaysia-Singapore IOI 2015 Training

A joint training camp with the Singaporean IOI team, which has been the tradition since the first Malaysian participation in IOI, will be held on 1-6 June at the School of Computing, NUS. Thanks to Steven Halim, the Singaporean IOI team leader, for inviting us again.

Six students from Malaysia were invited to attend the camp:

  • Justin Lim Kai Ze
  • Uday Kantilal Patel
  • Yew Jen Khai
  • Ang Yee Chin
  • Boo Kai Hsien
  • Ng Jia Jen.

The final selection of the Malaysian IOI 2015 contingent will be made after the camp.

IOI 2015

The Malaysian team members to IOI 2015 were announced on 5 June:

  • Justin Lim Kai Ze
  • Yew Jen Khai
  • Boo Kai Hsien
  • Ng Jia Jen
  • Team Leader: Dr. Ong Shien Jin.
  • Deputy Leader: Mr. Mark Chang

The IOI was held from 26 July to 2 August 2015. Details at

Congratulations to Justin Lim for the Bronze Medal!

Well done to all involved in IOI Malaysia. Time to take a break, strategize and celebrate.


IOI 2014


The IOI 2014 program has been completed succesfully.

Malaysian Computing Competition (MCC)

The preliminary selection round is the MCC.

Details and results at:

Well done to all winners!

Malaysia Computing Olympiad (MCO) Training

Students who did well in MCC (individual Silver or better) were invited to attend training for MCO 2014.

Details at:

Dr. Shawn Tan, one of the trainers, wrote about the event in his column at Digital News Asia:

MCO 2014

The Malaysian Computing Olympiad 2014 was held successfully on 19 and 20 April 2014 at Wisma Jobstreet, KL, with a total of 31 participants selected based on their outstanding performance in the MCC and online contests, namely the Croatian Open Competition in Informatics and the USA Computing Olympiad.

Congrats to the top winners:

  • First Prize: Justin Lim Kai Ze
  • Second Prize: Yeoh Zi Song
  • Third Prize (tied): Quah Fu Yong & Ng Jia Jen.

The MCO 2014 presented participants with 5 challenging programming problems. You may download the tasks, testdata and solutions here:




Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) 2014

APIO 2014 was held on 4th May 2014, at Wisma Jobstreet, KL. 12 students were invited to participate, based on their performance on the MCO 2014.

Congratulations to the two medal winners from Malaysia! They are:

  • How Si Yu, Sunway College, Silver Medal
  • Yeoh Zi Song, Chung Ling High School, Bronze Medal

The official results can be found on the official APIO website here.

Details at:

IOI Team Announcement

Dr. Ong Shien Jin, the team leader, officially announced the IOI 2014 team on 25 May. The selected four are:

  • How Si Wei, Kolej Matrikulasi Johor
  • Lim Yun Kai, UTAR Kampar (Foundation in Science)
  • Ng Jia Jen, SM Sains Selangor
  • Quah Fu Yong, INTI International College Penang

The deputy team leader is Dr. Shawn Tan, from Aeste Works SB. However, due to unexpected illness, Dr. Tan was not able to travel to the IOI, and was substituted by Ho Yi Hang, a former IOI participant.

IOI 2014

The Malaysian team participated in IOI 2014 that took place in Taiwan at 13-20 July 2014. The event went very smoothly due to no small effort of the organizers. The Malaysian team performed admirably well, with two Bronze medals bagged by How Si Wei and Lim Yun Kai.

Well done to all involved in the Malaysia IOI efforts, including the administrators, trainers, camp attendees, volunteers, sponsors, techies, families, teachers, friends, and supporters.

Special thanks to our joint training partners, Dr. Steven Halim (School of Computing, NUS) and the Singapore IOI trainers and team members.


IOI 2013


The IOI 2013 was held in Brisbane, Australia on 6-13 July 2013. Official website:

For the Malaysian team, the selection was done via two contests: the Malaysian Computing Competition (MCC) and the Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO).

The contests were organized by the Malaysian Informatics and Programming Society (MIPS) with collaboration from ACM-ICPC Malaysia, based at the Kulliyyah of ICT, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Malaysian participation in IOI is made possible by generous sponsorship from

Malaysian Computing Competition (MCC)

The MCC was held on 19 September 2012 at each participating school venue. The competition is open to all secondary school students. It is a paper based competition with questions involving logic and computational math.

MCC 2012 Official Results

MCO Seminar

On 8 December 2012, the top 75 performers from the MCC (all of whom qualified for the MCO) was invited to attend a seminar at IIUM. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Ong Shien Jin, President of MIPS, and Mr. Iqram Mahmud, a former IOI and ACM-ICPC participant. The speakers talked about best practices in preparing for programming contests. The welcoming remarks were given by Dr. Normaziah Abdul Aziz, Director of ACM-ICPC Malaysia who stressed the importance of building the technological capacity of the younger generation in the nation-building agenda.

Malaysian Computing Olympiad (MCO)

The MCO took place on 20 April 2013, with 28 students participating. The MCO is a real time C++ programming competition similar in format to the IOI.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Champion: How Si Yu
  • Second Prize: How Si Wei
  • Third Prize: Tham Ying Hong.

The champion received the MCO Challenge Trophy. Many thanks to the lecturers and students at the Kulliyyah of ICT, IIUM for running the MCO smoothly.

IOI Training Camps & Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO)

There were two training camps scheduled before the IOI team selection: on 9-11 May and 8-9 June. The camps were held at various venues in Bandar Utama.

On 11 May, the students participated in the APIO. The top 6 contestants (whose results are tabulated officially) are Lim Yun Kai, Tham Ying Hong, Mow Wei Loon, Justin Lim Kai Ze, How Si Wei and How Si Yu. Well done to all.

IOI 2013 

The Malaysian team to IOI 2013 consists of:

  • How Si Wei, Kolej Matrikulasi Johor
  • How Si Yu, Sunway College
  • Lim Yun Kai, SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian
  • Tham Ying Hong, Taylor’s College.

The Delegation leader of the team is Dr. Ong Shien Jin, with myself as Deputy Leader.

Congratulations to How Si Yu and Tham Ying Hong for winning a Silver Medal each. This is a great achievement considering that this is just our second try at the IOI. The whole team did well, and exceeded our expectations.

Well done and thanks to the Malaysian IOI team, including teachers, parents and well-wishers.

Our thanks to Nur Atikah, student at University of Queensland and official team guide, for taking care of the kids in Brisbane.

Special thanks to Steven Halim of NUS, the leader of the Singapore team, for inviting the team to do pre-IOI training with their Singapore counterparts. Our team benefited a lot from training with the big boys. Harta Wijaya from NUS, a former IOI participant, provided good guidance to the team as well.

Many thanks to Dr. Normaziah (IIUM), Dr. Teddy (Universitas Siswa Bangsa International), Mr. Iqram Mahmud (IIUM), and volunteers from Kulliyyah of ICT IIUM for sharing their expertise in organizing the competitions and training camps. Working with passionate and competent people makes our lives easier 🙂

YTL Foundation donated hardware for our training camps. Thanks a lot!

Last but not least, a big hug to our main sponsor for their financial contribution, making the program possible.


Ying Hong (left) and Si Yu with their IOI silver medals.


IOI 2012

IOI 2012 was held in the Lombardy region, Italy on 23-30 September 2012. Malaysia took part in the IOI for the first time. The team members were:

  • Ho Yi Hang, SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian, Penang
  • Tham Ying Hong, Taylor’s College, Selangor
  • Soh Chin Lip, Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan, Negeri Sembilan
  • Lim Zun Yuan, Sunway College, Selangor.

The Delegation Leader is Dr. Ong Shien Jin, with myself as the Deputy Leader.

IOI 2012 MY team

Standing (from left): Deputy Leader Suhaimi, Delegation Leader Dr. Ong, Team Guide Giovanni.
Sitting (from left): Zun Yuan, Chin Lip, Yi Hang, Ying Hong.

Before the IOI, the team members attended a training camp at Kulliyyah of ICT (KICT), IIUM on 4-6 August 2012. The training was given by Harta Wijaya, a former IOI participant and current student at NUS. Many thanks to Dr. Normaziah of KICT IIUM for her valuable advice and assistance in this project.


IOI 2011


Malaysia applied to become a member of IOI in 2011. As per IOI regulation, a country which has not sent a team to the IOI must first send an observer to IOI, in order to be eligible to send a full team in subsequent years. Luqman Ismael and Akmal Akhpah from MIPS attended (as invited observers) the IOI 2011 which was held at Pattaya City, Thailand.



IOI Malaysia —

IOI Official Website —

Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad —

USA Computing Olympiad Training Program Gateway —

Croatian Open Competition in Informatics —

Competitive Programming (book) by Steven Halim —


For more details, contact us at


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  2. Yau Qi Herng says:

    Good evening,En.Suhaimi Ramly ,I am keen in Mathematics.I am interested in Math Olympiad.Is there any math olympiad courses in Kluang,Johor?

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    ermm any info about bio olymiad in malaysia? im really interested in bio so…

    please do email me…

  4. Wong Songhan says:

    Are you leading IMO team as well?

    It’s a blessing to have people like you and other former Olympians to take up the initiatives.

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    when will the results be announced including for maths olympiad?

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    Hello can I join the computing olympoid during college ?.

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    Sch holidays are approaching, when to release the MCC result?

    • zun yuan says:

      the results are out already, although i don’t know if it is available online yet!

    • suhaimiramly says:

      – We have sent the official results to the teachers-in-charge via email.
      – Certs will be send early next week via Pos Ekspres (so it’ll reach school before end of semester).
      – Invitation to MCO seminar will be sent by fax to schools this week.

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    mr suhaimi, how can i join the imo training camp? why can other year 6 pupils join?

  9. Jen Khai says:

    Hello Mr Suhaimi, I am a Malaysian citizen who is currently studying in Singapore in Tingkatan 3. Is it possible for me to join the MCC this year? I am very interested in computing. Thanks.

  10. Hi Mr Suhaimi, I’m actually using Python as my main language, what programming competitions do you know that uses python as a programming language? I’m really interested in Programming.

  11. Kang Chia Ui says:

    All the best to the Malaysian IOI 2013 team !!! Make us proud!

  12. Kang Chia Ui says:

    Congratulations! Malaysian Team won 2 silvers Rank 28!!!

  13. anon says:

    Dear Mr Suhaimi, I attended one of your Mathematic Olympiad class and it was really interesting but (sorry to say) I’m more interested in Science. Is there any representatives from Malaysia for the International Science Olympiad so far?

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