Send Your Books to Me

Do you have unwanted books lying around the house that you want to get rid of?

A waste of space, right?

If you do, rather than throwing them away, send them to:

Suhaimi Ramly, No. 100-1, Jalan 2/23A, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 KL.


Make sure your books are:

  • in readable condition. Yellowing pages, wear and tear, scratches, scribbles, annotations, etc. are fine;
  • in the categories mentioned below.
  • in English or Malay language.


I am looking for:

  • English Classics — Dickens, Bronte, Twain, etc.;
  • English fiction — anything other than romance, kid’s fiction, teenage fiction, or chick-lit;
  • science fiction;
  • fiction from other cultures — translated into English or Malay;
  • collections of short stories / cerpen;
  • books on philosophy;
  • books on Malaysian history, culture, language, geography or politics;
  • books on the history, culture, language, geography or politics of any country (not school textbooks!);
  • poetry books — syair, gurindam, pantun, sajak, sonnet, limerick, quatrains, whatever;
  • biographies & autobiographies;
  • books written by Sasterawan Negara, or other highly-regarded literature types;
  • books that has won prestigious awards, like Hugo or Pulitzer, or has appeared on bestsellers lists;
  • nonfiction books;
  • books with beautiful leather binding — to make my bookshelf more impressive;
  • Islamic books — please, only quality ones with authentic sources, not “Mari Bercakap dengan Jin” or “Sai Baba itu Dajjal”;
  • books on other religions — in English or Malay;
  • photography collections;
  • humorous writings;
  • English comic books & graphic novels;
  • collections of syndicated comic strips — e.g., Peanuts or Dilbert;
  • (a special request) books that are banned in Malaysia.


Please don’t send:

  • magazines;
  • school textbooks (college textbooks are fine);
  • children’s books;
  • romance, teenage fiction, or chick-lit;
  • technical manuals;
  • “how to get rich” books;
  • cookbooks;
  • etc. (the list is not exhaustive; basically, don’t send anything that I have no use of).


No need to check with me beforehand whether I want a particular title or not. I accept and appreciate everything that you’ll send to me. Those I don’t need I will throw away myself.

The accepted books will go to my private collection. My plan is to grow my personal library to 5000 books in the next ten years.

I will consider the books as gifts. Unfortunately, I cannot pay for the books, though I’d be happy to help out with postage (regular mail only, maximum RM5). Please state clearly your request for postage, otherwise I’ll assume it’s on you.

Thank you for your generosity!


6 Responses to Send Your Books to Me

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  2. suhaimi I have a lot of story book children exp:HC Anderson, Indonesian Story Book Children, If you interested Add my FB Adriana Gaelagoy, 085 649 400 521-081 703 679 703

  3. Min Wai Phyo says:

    I want to know how can I join to the IMO? I am a student at the University Technology Petronas. I really really interested in Mathematics. And so, which steps do I need to follow to became one of the participants of the IMO from Malaysia?…
    With kindly regard,
    Min Wai Phyo

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